Renu Desai opens up about Akira’s love for dhoti

Renu Desai, in a post, spoke about her son Akira Nandan’s love for dhoti.

Pawan Kalyan and ex-wife Renu Desai’s son Akira Nandan is celebrating his 17th birthday. In a post, Renu spoke about Akira’s love for dhoti. She wrote, “After we came back to the hotel from our darshan, Akira asked me an amazing question. He was like if women wearing sarees is normal, then why can’t the men or boys wear dhoti or lungi regularly instead of just festivals or temples? I told him it’s just a mindset and if he is comfortable, he should wear dhotis regularly as it is our tradition. Guys, let’s normalise wearing lungis and dhotis for boys. Don’t feel awkward to wear it in your day to day life. Akira is wearing his dhotis regularly other than his jeans or shorts from that day onwards and I hope that we can feel proud to wear our traditional clothes instead of just blindly following the western cultureYou make me so proud my li’ll baby#dhotiisthenewlook #akira #beproudtobeyou (sic)”.